Amanda Dunbar

Amanda Dunbar

Vallejo, CA, US


Senior Design Thesis

Located in South Park, San Francisco, this building serves as a residence, studio, and gallery for an artist, particularly a sculptor. The basement holds areas for parking and heavy duty workspaces for metal and wood machinery. The ground floor contains a stair gallery that rises up to form the design work space. Each step is a four-foot run, wide enough to hold sculptures and allow people to walk around them. Natural lighting enters the gallery in a sculptural manner through the slits in the gallery wall. This can be used as a spotlight mechanism for the artwork or serve as an artwork itself. The top two stories serve as the artist’s residence.  An exterior area is included on the top level to maximize natural lighting and create a private, outdoor space for the occupants. The front, exterior façade is composed of folds within a plane that add surface area to the upper levels as well as reflect the occupant and the sculptural circulation within the building.

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Status: School Project
Location: San Francisco, CA, US