Phillip Chang

Phillip Chang

San Jose, CA, US

Diagram Site Plan
Diagram Site Plan
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Tiber Shift

 Located near the historic Ripa Grande and Porta Portese in Rome, Italy, this project aims to rethink the edge condition along the Tiber River.

On the street side, there is a market that occurs every Sunday.  However, on every other day the
street is completely desolate and unused.  This desolation continues on the river edge as it is also
unused.  In order to activate this site, it is not a building that is placed but rather a framework
of walls that shift along the river edge that acts as a filter between the street and the river.  In
creating this filter, the series of walls takes on a life of its own and program, infrastructure,
and circulation begin to occupy the interstitial spaces of the walls, thus creating an impetus for
activity and use.

The wall acts as a plug in which rooms can be plugged into and out of via a crane that slides on
top of the larger and thicker walls.  The crane pays homage to the history of the site as it
alludes to the historic seaport, Ripa Grande.

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Status: School Project
Location: Rome, Italy

Street Level Plan
Sectional Perspective
Sectional Perspective
Final Model
Final Model