Federico Pavese

Federico Pavese

Calamandrana, IT



2006 - international design competition.

Today the skyscraper still interprets the tension towards the Future and the Progress.
Even so, both of these concepts seem to be limited to an "appearance": it has become just an "object" that contains a human ambition, but it does not show a developed attention in the quality of life.

The aim of my purpose, was to turn it in a space for human life and recover the “people” scale of architecture.

The project is a vertical high tower with flying rings as places for different human free time activities.

They are real 64 mt diameter social places for human needs, made up with a light steel structure covered by a plastic composed surface and filled with gas as an old 4hot-air balloon.

The building is something “not definitive”: the light rings can be removed and be taken to other places or cities.



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Status: Competition Entry
Location: wherever