Brian Schmidt

Brian Schmidt

Portland, OR, US


Northwest Film Center

The project for the Film Center got its design concept from the movie Blade Runner. Initially analyzing the movie revealed several interesting facets, but most important to me was the interaction between the main character Deckard and human looking robots called Replicants.

At several points throughout the film there are instances where the Replicants portray human elements, making them indistinguishable from humans. As the film progresses Deckard himself begins to question his own existence. Is he real or a Replicant? These interactions were so ambiguous at points, leaving most things unanswered and up to the
interpretation of the viewer.

The building concept model took the idea of a constant, Deckard, and translated that architecturally to a datum. The Replicants are spaces or events that occur along this datum, and in some cases altering its state. In the final resolution of the film center, there are different wedges holding distinctly different program types. Binding them together and making them more part of a cohesive building is a wall that acts as a circulation element and a digital media wall.


This piece goes throughout all the program wedges, exposing the public to all the elements of the building, including production, office and ultimately the public viewing room.

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Status: School Project
Location: Portland, OR