Lori Renert

Lori Renert

Boca Raton, FL, US



Well-Rounded Experienced and Accomplished Film, Broadcast, and Creative Professional with a deep understanding of Audience, Exceptional Talent for Motivating and Leading Creative Teams efficiently in a Team-Oriented Environment with a Relentlessly Positive Attitude and Recognized Expertise in Production, Post Production and 3D Computer Animation across multiple platforms, enhancing the quality and standards of all deliverables. .

Certified and Licensed Applications Trainer on High End Digital Video Editing, Animation and Compositing Software & Hardware.

Specialties: Art, Creative, CG, VFX & 3D Computer Animation Director, Supervisor, Coordinator & Consultant for Film, Television, & Broadcast.



Fluid, Inc., San Francisco, CA, US, Image Production Manager

mage Production Manager for Fluid, Inc. working remotely with Fluid’s San Francisco
· Managed and coordinated all Image Production work in-house and with Fluid’s partners/Vendors.
· Wrote and consistently edited successful documentation for in-house and partner/vendor 3D
modeling pipeline designed specifically for publish to Fluid’s proprietary software ‘Fluid Configure
2.0’, a Design your own Configurator geared toward the online retail and Fashion Industries.
· Consulted on Digital Photography and live photo shoots of products to create physically correct
modeling reference(s) for conversion to 3D
· Clients included: Reebok, Timberland, Vans, Wild Things, The North Face and more
· Trained, coordinated and provided support for in-house Image Production staff and outsource
partners and vendors.
· Managed all 3D Modeling, Lighting and Rendering for all Fluid Configure 2.0 products in the
· Managed communication of all project work, content and status to upper level management.
· Executed QA and QC as well as feedback in-house, with partners and with clients.
· Pipeline and Asset management with Strong production skills in Maya, RealityServer and iView.
· Exported all models, lights and cameras (source)Maya files to RealityServer format for online
Publish to Fluid Configure 2.0.
· Edited modeling, lighting and camera files utilizing iView, the RealityServer file rendering
application for observing 3D Models, Lighting and Cameras prior to publish.
· Worked toward successful product publishing to Fluid Configure 2.0.

Jun 2012 - Jul 2013

Flawless Digital, Marina Del Rey, Creative Director

VFX, CGI for film and broadcast. Consulting, professional 3D and CGI Software and hardware,.
Creative Services, graphic design, website building, Marketing, Branding and Business
Development. Outsourced materials and built assets for 3D Animations, Games and Game level
· Worked directly with clients on storyboarding, mock-ups and design artwork, ideas from concept
to completion.
· Maya Master’s Trainer- Worked with professionals as well as novelists to ensure the best
possible training, including developing training material and communicating directly with the
software company(s) to deliver the best possible course materials and results.
· Implemented creative concepts and new styles for online social networking sites: MySpace,
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Etc.

Aug 2011 - May 2012

Bigfoot Studios, Cebu, PH, VFX Supervisor

VFX/ CGI Supervisor- Held regular meetings with staff, ensured proper training and development
of the team, closely oversaw all projects and worked directly with the clients to ensure quality
assurance and successful timely delivery of material.
· Integrated new media and electronic marketing.
· Wrote an entire course curriculum for I.A.F.T. (International Academy of Film & Television), here
On-Site at Bigfoot Studios in Cebu, Philippines.
· Implemented active social networking. IE: MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Etc.
· Maintaining relationships with and outreach to casting directors, Production companies, movie
studios, ad agencies, Marketing departments, film schools, entertainment-industry Unions, and
other industry groups.
· Provided all Pipeline and Asset Management for all CG Post Production OnLine Editor
Supervised, Monitored and Audited all activity within the department under very intense
deadlines, tight budgets and limited resources.
· VFX Producer: Scheduling, Budgeting, overseeing management of CGI Department production(s)
Facilitated the recruitment, hiring and negotiation of new talent to the Creative Pool.
· Implemented active social networking. IE: MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Etc.

Jan 2009 - Jul 2011

Swansea Metropolitan University, Swansea, GB, Program Director/ Senior Lecturer

Promotional Event Coordination, Sponsorship & Funding Initiatives, worked directly with the
Screen Academy of Wales and the Professional Production Grade Project in collaboration with
Escape Studios and The Moving Picture Company. Successfully placed students involved in the
Production Grade with jobs at those Studios upon graduation.
· Provided leadership and supervision for all On and Off-site events.
· Strategically created all Visual marketing materials, including Print, Video, Animation & Web
Content, Corporate and Educational Video Spots.
· Helped Create new funding initiatives and troubleshoot advertising and sales issues.
· Specialized in working accurately with outside companies and film productions as a consultant,
talent recruiter and CGI Director in such productions as “Boudica Bites Back” Ken Russell film,
Supervised the TD, as Program Director for SMU with a student doing a residency at MPC for the
Sony Bravia “Paint” commercial in collaboration with The Moving Picture Company (MPC), and
“Motorola Red” commercial (MPC).
· Successfully created several modules for the BA, BSc and MA 3D Computer Animation course,
the BA Creative Computer Games Design course as well as new programmes being introduced
into the School of Digital Media, validated by the Welsh Assembly Government.

Jun 2004 - Dec 2008

Video Central, Hollywood, FL, US, Creative Director

Video Central was the only authorized training and consulting company for all AVID, Softimage, Maya,
MAC, Silicon Graphics, Adobe and High-End Nonlinear Video Editing and Animation on the South-East
Coast of the U.S.A., eventually delivering programs abroad.
· Contract Negotiations, Sales.
· Business Development.
· Attended all the conventions, Speaking, Announcing, MC, Judge for several categories at
· Consulted on high-end non-linear digital video and animation software & hardware.
· Created all marketing and promotional materials for events and advertising of products and
· MPEG Compression, Consulting on Digital video broadcast, film and animation equipment and
services, and digital video systems integration.
· Maintained proper budgeting of all events and Open-House parties.
· Managed and promoted the sales teams (budgets, quotas, profits).
· Media Content Acquisition.
· Web and internet applications (Flash, Dreamweaver, FrontPage).
· Consulting and producing on external Productions:
o “Terminator 2: Judgment Day 1991”- MetaNURBS, Procedural Animation
o “True Lies 1994”, CG Live Action Enhancement, Dynamic Simulations
o “Independence Day 1996”, Digital Pyrotechnics, Explosions- Blue screen Composite
o “Godzilla 1998”, 3D Model Texturing, Blinn Shaders for Reptilian Eyes

Jan 1991 - May 2004


Boston University, Boston, MA, US, Visual Communications

Fine Arts, Graphic Design, World History, Creative Writing, Computer classes, Motion Graphics, Editing, Video, Photography, Broadcast, Marketing, Advertising, Communications, Public Relations, Film Studies, Philosophy

Aug 1986 - Jun 1988

Hollywood Hills High School, Hollywood, FL, US, High School, Fine Arts

Fine Arts- Graphic Design, Painting, Drawing, Sketching, Sculpting. English, History, Science, Math, Biology, Chemistry, Spanish, Creative Writing

Aug 1982 - Jun 1986

Areas of Specialization