Keith Stone

Keith Stone

Louisville, KY, US



I am not the typical job candidate.

After 25 years as a newspaper reporter and editor I left the world of words to pursue my passion for making, not with words, but with my hands. I have since found that the core skills needed for my career in journalism are quite similar to those that could distinguish me in architecture. The best written stories depend on the sequence of ideas, just as in designing and building. Indeed, the architecture of a compelling essay is similar to that of a persuasive building. Each word and sentence must be irreplaceable and inextricably linked to those preceding and following; each piece and detail of a building should exist for a reason. By making connections, you create a cohesive whole that draws readers inside. And deep research and analysis precede any good story or design - not a superficial few moments with Google but drill-deep investigation and interviewing that demands focus and patience.

Now I am finding also that architecture - like writing - can be the practice of persuasion and seduction. Point, line and plane come together to make visual and visceral statements - arguments.

My backstory is simple: I grew up working with wood and metal and through the years continued to make sculpture and furniture as a hobby. In 2007, despite no formal architecture background I was accepted into the University of Kentucky School of Architecture’s Accelerated Master’s Program. This immersion in architecture further cemented my decision to work as an architect after graduation in May 2010. I believe my training and experience as a journalist could make me a stronger designer and an asset to any firm. My portfolio draws from my academic work in architecture, life of artwork and decades in journalism, all with the goal of illustrating my range of abilities: from architectural design and graphic representation to fabrication, writing and public speaking.


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PR&vD, Project Manager

Project Manager: Feb. 14, 2011 - April 24, 2011
Penthouse Patio Landscape (Private Residence, New York, N.Y.).
- Supervised assembly in Dayton, Ohio, of six pieces that James Corner Field Operations digitally designed and PR&vD fabricated.
- Helped set up three-warehouse assembly and fabrication operation.
- Managed 10 workers for fabrication, staining, assembly and shipping.
- Problem-solved construction, including use of digital models to confirm inventory and quality control pieces arriving from water jet fabricator.
- Following shipping from Dayton, worked in New York to reassemble pieces, liaison with architect, troubleshoot and meet punch list requirements.

Feb 2011 - Apr 2011

University of Kentucky, Teaching Assistant/Research Assistant

- Teaching assistant, (2008-2010): History and Theory, responsible for leading weekly discussion groups and biweekly grading of 20 five-page papers.
- Researched, fact-check and edited dossiers for Curry Stone Design Prize, an international annual competition; a $100,000 award for socially conscious design. (2009-2010).

Feb 2008 - May 2010

Louisville Courier-Journal, Assistant Metro Editor/Regional Editor

Feb 2004 - Aug 2007


University of Kentucky, MArch, Architecture

I graduated from the Accelerated Master's Program, a 3+ program designed for people with no architecture background but other professional skills.

Aug 2007 - May 2010

Boston University, Bachelors, Journalism

Aug 1978 - May 1982

Areas of Specialization