Jordana Vasquez

Jordana Vasquez

Brooklyn, NY, US



Jordana Vasquez is a designer and project manager with a passion for: innovation, social enterprise,  human and environmental design. Trained as an architect, she has made it a focus to challenge her spatial sensibilities and understanding of the fusion of art and design while also being an advocate for purpose-driven innovative solutions and female empowerment.She believes in the direct and long term impact of human-centered design has on the quality of life of those who are faced with adversity.

 Over the course of her career Jordana has collaborated with TECHO, Habitat for Humanity, Architecture for humanity and other community-led design projects . An enthusiastic entrepreneur, she is always seeking ways to change the status quo by participating  in ventures that are at the intersection of social innovation, design and environmental stewarship.

She is a proud member of  Sheisthefirst, Young Women Social Entrepreneurs and Be Social Change. 

"Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have."

 Margaret Mead


Liter of Light, New York, NY, US, Project Manager

Collaboration in the development of the Backpack Challenge;This challenge allows Liter of Light, to integrate themselves into the school curriculum at a STEMS ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, Social studies) level. This means that kids are still involved with the projects well beyond the 45 minute assembly.

Upon completion of the challenge, a second presentation can be made to recognize the work of the kids but also to bring direct awareness to the parents about the global campaign to raise funds for the groups work.

Liter of Light is a global open source movement with the aim to provide an ecologically sustainable and free-of-cost source of interior light to rooms in simple dwellings with a thin roof. The device is simple: it is a transparent 1.5-2l plastic bottle, as typically used for carbonated drinks, filled with water plus a little bleach to inhibit algal growth, fitted through the roof of a house. During daytime the water inside the bottle refracts sunlight, delivering about as much light as a 40- to 60-watt incandescent bulb to the interior. A properly installed solar bottle can last up to 5 year

Jan 2015 - current

Architecture for Humanity New York City Chapter, New York, NY, US, Development Coordinator

Research and document opportunities in funding for projects and general operations.
Maintain a database of funding opportunities to determine feasibility and alignment with project need and mission of Architecture for Humanity NY.
Coordinating the documentation and development of social impact metrics.
Help produce marketing documents for corporate sponsors, such as press kits and organization one-pagers.

Jan 2015 - current

Aerial Design and Build, New York, NY, US, Assistant Project Manager/ Designer

Participation in the planning, implementation, and tracking of a specific short-term project. Experience with the ability to provide leadership through building relationships with teams and clients. In addition, assisting to facilitate subcontractor bid process, plan and schedule projects and define the scope of work with senior PM. Projects include high-end residential, commercial, and hospitality ranging from $200k-$2 mil.
Create a detailed set of drawings and work plan that identifies and sequences the activities needed to successfully complete the project.
Assist in determining the resources (time, money, equipment, etc) required to complete the project.
Assist in developing a schedule for project completion that effectively allocates the resources to the activities and materials needed.
Review the project schedule with senior management and all other staff that will be affected by the project activities;
Determine the objectives and measures upon which the project will be evaluated at its completion

Oct 2014 - current

The Architectural League of New York, New York, NY, US, Volunteer

Assisted with the coordination of lectures, exhibitions, installations and special events

May 2012 - current

SMPLCT Lab, New York, NY, US, Architectural Designer & Strategy

Focused on designing innovative solutions to problems that affect low-income communities.

SMPLCT LAB focuses on cross cultural collaboration between entrepreneurs, artists, designers, architects , technologists, scholars, researchers, policy-makers, and citizens in developed and developing worlds, use human-centered design to develop simple low-cost solutions for those living on less than $2 a day; and educate society on sustainability.

Jul 2013 - Sep 2013

Storefront for Art and Architecture, New , Production Intern

Worked closely with the assistant curator to carry preparation, installation and break-down of shows
Conducted tasks like sourcing materials, contacting providers and researching solutions for gallery issues .During exhibitions assisted with the maintenance of exhibitions and the office space

May 2012 - Dec 2012

Habitat for Humanity, New York, NY, US, Construction site leader

Supervision and development of interior structures for multi-family housing
Participated in reviews, construction/installation assessments and execution of plans
Led the training, development and mentoring of the construction staff composed of volunteers

May 2012 - Aug 2012

Axis D.I. Architecture, LLC, Newark, NJ, US, Architectural intern

Provided architectural support to the lead architects in: the design, selection, coordination and detailing of architectural and marketing materials.
Presented independent research for schematic proposals.

Feb 2008 - Nov 2009


Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY, US, BArch, Architecture

Sep 2010 - current

Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, US, C-Disco summer master program

May 2010 - Jul 2010


Published Works , InProcess Magazine, Other

Yearly publication at Pratt Institute


Hearst Scholarship, 1st Place


WNBA Inspirational Women 2010, 1st Place

This scholarship program was created to recognize adult leaders from the African American and Hispanic communities in the tri-state area (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut), who excel in the classroom, are leaders in the community, and exemplify the values of volunteerism and service.


Vice-President of leadership, 1st Place

The Vice President of Leadership shall promote the development of leadership at Windward Community College, shall be in charge of all events pertaining to the development of leadership, including leadership seminars, field trips, and conferences, and shall be responsible for filing the appropriate forms for the Leadership Hallmark.


Areas of Specialization