Jesse Cabildo

Jesse Cabildo

Pasadena, CA, US



I'm a designer with a background in architecture and digital fabrication.

Throughout my architectural education I have worked with a hands on approach, which had started with an interest in model making and has developed into full scale applications, such as architectural installations and design mockups.This focus toward making has enhanced how I address design problems, where as I now aspire to achieve a seamless relationship between geometry, material, and fabrication.


Digital Fabrication Lab | Woodbury University, Burbank, CA, US, Lab Technician

The Digital Fabrication Laboratory (DFL) at Woodbury University has two laser cutters, a 3d printer, and a 3-axis CNC Mill. I am required to operate and maintain these machines for daily use by the students. In many cases working at the DFL serves as an extension of the woodshop where I am able to advise students in ways that work hand in hand with both facilities. The customer service aspect of the DFL is far more present than in the woodshop, because I am expected to operate and manage the use of the machines effectively. This job requirement becomes especially strenuous when finals are occurring, because demand for the machines increases while hours remain limited. The DFL can become a very hectic work environment, and it allows me to work well under pressure and make sure everyone's needs are met.

Aug 2011 - current

Woodbury university Woodshop, Burbank, CA, US, Shop Staff

Working at the woodshop requires that I have full knowledge of the tools ranging from table saw to welder. The shop priority is to maintain safety through proper use of the tools, however the most active aspect of the job is in the relationships developed with the students that come in. At the woodshop the shop staff are considered a resource for the students, and there are many scenarios throughout the day where shop staff and students are working together to work out issues in both design and building processes. I take an especially active role in this aspect of the job, and take pride in helping to solve a student's problems. I intentionally request the busiest shifts for the opportunity to assist as many students as possible, because it is helping and interacting with different projects that I enjoy most about this job.

Jul 2010 - current

Heyday Partnership, Los Angeles, CA, US, Facade Fabrication and Installation

I was hired to fabricate and install a facade wall system for several homes within one lot. The job required off site precision cutting and drilling of pieces with multiples steps of assembly, and on site installation. The job emphasized the process of fabrication rather than the end product where different scenarios required constant poblem solving. The wall system was consistent throughout the homes, but there was a continous increase in efficiency through the discovery of better methods of fabrication, assembly and installation.

Jul 2012 - Aug 2012


Woodbury University, Burbank, CA, US, BArch, Architecture

Aug 2008 - current


Design Village 2012 Best Structural Craft, Award


Maxine Frankel Grant, Grant


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