Nicola Martini

Nicola Martini

Verona, IT



Three years of professional experience which extends from designing to project managing. My skills include drafting, producing renders and project presentations. Nonetheless, I’m also familiar with construction regulations and experience in coordinating different professionals such as Engineers and material suppliers. I’m used to fulfill many responsibilities.
My best academic and professional experiences often came around urban planning, however I’m interested as well in interiors design and integration of energy saving systems, according to my belief that architecture plays an essential role in pursuing a sustainable future.

|professional experience|
member of Italian Architects Order from 2012

Studio Progettazione Integrata - Verona IT
from June 2011 to February 2012
Employed in an architectural design firm as manager assistant, responsible for projects progress, and as mediator agent between the office, the customers, the public administration and all the external professionals involved in each assignment. This experience improved in particular my sensibility in interior spaces design.

Federico Scandola Architect - Verona IT
from July 2009 to June 2011
I had the chance to improve my ability in designing and managing the project process. In particular, they gave me the opportunity to develop my design ideas and to work with traditional construction systems like stone wall and flagstone roof.

(March 2008)
5th place with a special mention in a design contest for the re-development of the main square of Grezzana (VR), experience developed along with Arch. Federico Scandola and Arch. Francesco Adami

Strongly motivated in finding new incentives for my professional and personal growth, in a firm which could give me the opportunity to improve both my technical and design skills, I also believe that learning architecture practices outside Italy would lead me to a more complete scenario.



Studio Progettazione Integrata / ARCADE, Verona, IT, Manager Assistant, Drafter

Jun 2011 - current


Politecnico di Milano, Mantova, IT, MArch, Architecture

Oct 2002 - Oct 2009