Justin Clevenger

Justin Clevenger

Bladensburg, MD, US



I completed my Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture at the University of Maryland in College Park, and am researching employment opportunities at prestigious organizations. The Architecture Program demanded that I be able to become a master of time management and be able to solve complex problems quickly and efficiently with little or no assistance. In the Architecture Department, I conducted independent and collaborative research and design projects in both residential and commercial settings, aided by my mastery of the Adobe Creative Suite. My experiences in the program have made me a strong and capable candidate for any position within your company.

My education at the University of Maryland would perfectly compliment your organization as you need a skilled and productive staff that is self motivated and has a desire to do great work. The University of Maryland’s program concentrated on independent and collaborative design with a variety of digital art programs. I received ample opportunities to do great works as I worked alongside skilled and diverse peers. The program culminated in a five month long intensive study and design of the former site of the Washington Convention Center in DC. The parcel’s large size and complex urban context gave me the opportunity to create an intervention that both respected the established motif and rejuvenated the area. 
I very much appreciate your time and consideration and I look forward to talking with you.


Professional Summary

Seeking a challenging and rewarding career in a diverse environment where my strong work ethic, education, and expertise can be used to accomplish and exceed team goals

Excel at developing innovative solutions for complex problems 


Bachelors of Science in Architecture ~ May 2012
University of Maryland, College Park
GPA ~ 3.337

Concentration in Urban Analysis and Design

Studied under the tutelage of Paul Mortensen, Brian Kelly
And Hooman Koliji

Research Experience

Advanced Design Through Computer Assistance

Extensive and thorough study of the Adobe Creative Suite including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Dreamweaver for the purpose of utilizing the programs, in tangent, for real world application including magazine spreads and layouts, website design, and digital art.

Created an interactive website for the purpose of allowing users to browse a collection of art and leave feedback.

The art featured on the website was created solely with found objects that were manipulated in Photoshop and arranged into catalogs through the use of InDesign and Illustrator

Comprehensive Urban Analysis and Design

Analyzed the architectural details and proportions, land usage, vehicular and pedestrian Traffic, solar orientation and surrounding context of a large piece Of urban property, approximately nine acres in size that was formerly the site of the Washington Convention Center.

Created opportunities to provide green passive and recreational public space, explored low impact landscape design, conceptualized an iconic building to be used for research and display of the sustainable green initiatives practiced by the city.

Developed a mixed -use building in the urban city center that promoted a strong and vibrant public realm through the development of a coherent “face“ with emphasis on the concept of “base,“ “middle,“ “top.”

Population Processes & Demographic Theory

Examined local and global population change to better understand the influences that population growth and change have on people’s lives.

Identified population issues, demographic perspectives, and future trends and investigated what population events are occurring, why they are occurring, and how the population is coping with them

Analyzed future trends in populations and debated population projections and their impact on society in the 21st Century

Community Development Experience

Joe Barker Contracting ~ Loudoun County, Virginia

Assisted in the reconstruction of homes destroyed by hurricane Isabel

Dismantled and installed a variety of construction materials including gypsum, wood, pvc piping and electrical wiring.

Developed Hands-On knowledge of structural systems including drywall, plumbing, electrical, gas
 and HVAC



Brian Kelly, AIA
University of Maryland
School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation
College Park, Maryland 20742

Associate Professor and Director of the Architecture Program at the University of Maryland
Past Northeast Regional Director, Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture ~ 2008-2011

Paul Mortensen, RA, LEED-AP
University of Maryland
School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation
College Park, Maryland 20742

Adjunct Professor for the Architecture Program at the University of Maryland

Nicole DeLoatch
University of Maryland
College of Behavioral and Social Sciences
College Park, Maryland 20742

Graduate Student and Academic Advisor for the Sociology Department at the University of Maryland



University of Maryland, College Park, MD, US, BArch, Architecture

Aug 2008 - May 2012

Areas of Specialization