Kristin Phillips

Kristin Phillips

Belmar, NJ, US



I am a recent graduate from Marywood University in Scranton, PA. I studied Interior Architecture/Design under the School of Architecture at Marywood. The school is the first in the Northeastern PA region so it was an exciting time to be there for the beginning of the developing program. I am interested in the interior aspect of architecture but have a lot of other related interests. I am very intrigued by the area of Graphic Design. I was unsure what the study really was until my final year and it is an area I wish to further explore. I have knowledge of programs that are used in both Interiors and Graphics which makes me want to take any opportunity to explore either areas if the opportunity presented itself. 


Marywood University, Scranton, PA, US, BArch, Interior Architecture/Design

My program initially began as Interior Design under the Fine Arts program at my school. During this time we did a lot with hand drawings, 3D modeling in the fine arts, and art history studies. As my second year of school began, Marywood opened a School of Architecture, which my program then became part of. Once this happened, our major became known as Interior Architecture. During this transition we took hand rendering classes which dealt with different materials and patterns. As our education developed we began into our studio classes where we would get a building in the local community and survey the areas to see the issues the buildings faced and tackle a problem to improve the quality of the buildings. Along with studio classes we took a history of furniture class, furniture making studio, a lighting fundamentals class, a materials and construction document introduction and professional practice development class. Our class was really grandfathered into the architecture school, but because we were there for such an exciting transition, our education really benefited from the positive changes the school made.

Aug 2008 - May 2012


Edward Gayeski Medal for Excellence in Design, 1st Place

Every Spring the professors at Marywood University meet to select one student from each year in the Architecture and Interior Architecture programs to receive an award that is based on outstanding studio work for the year. I received this award my junior year at Marywood where I received a certificate and also The Complete Works (So Far) of the Campana Brothers. This was after my furniture making studio so my professor picked the Campana Brothers because they are a team that I find inspiring and inventive.


Third Year Excellence Award, 1st Place

This is a medal that is awarded to a Graduating Senior for the graduation ceremony at Marywood. Edward Gayeski is the name that the medal is in honor of and is based off of academic work and also an accumulation of Interior work over the course of the four years of study at Marywood.


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