Carl Kohut

Carl Kohut

Moultonborough, NH, US



  Raised in the rural lakes region of New Hampshire by my father, a jack of all
trades, and my mother, an elementary school teacher, I fostered a fascination
with the creation of buildings and the importance of knowledge at a young age.
My high school career later provided a foundation for these ideals as my focal
studies became mathematics, wooden fabrication, and drafting. My realization
of architecture as my chosen path was an emanate reaction from my personal
conditions and experiences as a youth. Presently enrolled at SCAD as a third
year student pursuing a career in architecture, which the next step in
achieving could be an internship for the Summer of 2012. I am currently looking
for a position at an established firm so that I can begin my IDP hours and begin
the process of becoming a licensed architect.

   Throughout my studies at SCAD I have been attempting to discover and interpret
my personal methodologies of design that shape my creations.
Recognizing that much of what I produce found parallels in previous thoughts and
events, my interpretation lead to an intuitive approach. I soon began relating
architecture with life, and found that ultimately my fundamental approach was an
entropic one that pulled from various life experiences; subconsciously allowing for a
balanced final product. My strategical searching for choices over answers
discusses the emergence of balance from expanding chaos and accepts ambiguity over

  Entropy is regarded as the guiding process that sustains all life, although it is
paradoxically an abstract theory incomprehensible by the human mind. It is a continuum
of events and eras fascinated by the comprehension of process over a definitive final
product. The thoughts surrounding entropy do not dissolve my passions of life and
architecture but instead send me on a chaotic journey towards the lifetime
pursuit of balance.  


Savannah College of Art and Design, Savannah, GA, US, BArch, Architect

Major GPA: 3.66
~ Design Studio
- Fundamentals I, II, & III
- Studio I and II
~ Architectural Supporting Curriculum
- Applied Physics
- Structures I and II
- Construction Technologies I and II
- Electronic Design I
~ History
- Survey of Western Art I and II
- Modern Architecture I and II
- Survey of World Architecture and Urbanism

Sep 2009 - current