hyeongmo goo

hyeongmo goo

Buffalo, NY, US



500 Grover Cleveland Highway
Amherst, NY, 14226
917. 769. 2061


To obtain an Internship in Architecture.


Hong-Ik University. Seoul, Korea. 2003
Finished freshman year of studio and transferred to University at Buffalo.
University at Buffalo. Buffalo, NY. Bachelor of Architecture Degree Candidate, May 2013.



DaeSung Engineering & Construction. Seoul, Korea. Summer 2009
Participated as a member of Carpenter team in real construction.

UNA architecture firm. ChangWon, Kyeongnam, Korea. Summer 2011.
Summer internships



Military Service, Busan, Korea. 2004 - 2006

Elle Pub. Manager & Bartender. Seoul, Korea. Winter 2006.



One of the Best Students award in Freshman year studio 2009 of University at Buffalo.

‘Intersight’ School Magazine 2011 selected sophomore year project.

Architecture Department of University at Buffalo collected sophomore year work. 2011


Manual and digital Architectural Skills:

Drafting, Model-building, Woodshop, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Autodesk Cad, 3ds Max, Revit, Ecotect Analysis, Rhino 3D and Grasshopper, Sketch-up, Vue, Microsoft Word


Foreign Language Knowledge: Korean



University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, US, BArch, architecture

I have done projects: Habitat, Gallery, Library, Mosque, and Office building. And current studio is working on Botanical Gardens with clients.

Freshman year, I learned about the process of understanding and creating space with hand drawing skills. Especially, Habitat project was impressive project because students built real scale of model and exhibited in Buffalo sculpture park for a season. Group works and realizing the scale in real world gave many lessons to me such as communication skills.

Sophomore year, I did larger scale projects: library and mosque. These two projects gave time to understand site and people. Especially, mosque is not familiar idea to people and required alot of research works. I needed to understand cultures and people, and needed to apply these into the site in Buffalo.

Junior year, I have done an office project in Pittsburgh. The building designed required some building codes like egress tower, and had to include a market place on ground level. Another project, proposal new design for Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens with clients, is currently working on. Students have had several time of interviews with clients and modify their concept and add their requirements in design. The process is help to understand real architecture world communication, unlikely one-direction of proposal by architects.

Sep 2009 - current