Eisha Nagpal

Eisha Nagpal

Milpitas, CA, US



I am an Architect by profession with an interest in Sustainability. I graduated from SUNY, Buffalo in February 2011. Before I got my Graduate degree I worked for about 3 years in Architecture and Interior Design firms.
I am pretty good at sketching and I am a friendly person. I have worked with the Habitat for Humanity for about a month and that was one of my best experiences in America.


Kshetra - Space for Architecture, Assistant Architect

Kshetra is a firm specializing in Historic Preservation and Environmental conscious design
My work in the office included Conceptualization, Design development, Site planning, documentation and preservation of the environment and the building of historic importance.

Apr 2009 - Aug 2009

Hue Designs, Junior Architect

Hue Designs is a leading Interior Design firm from Hyderabad, India.
I worked on Design conceptualization, development, Site planning, infrastructural drawings of architectural Projects. Interior Design including designing walls treatment, furniture and selecting finishes

Dec 2007 - Feb 2009

Alex Jacob Architect, Junior Architect

My work included Conceptualization, design development, site planning, landscape design.
Interior Design including wall treatment, furniture design, false ceiling design and selecting finishes.

Dec 2006 - Oct 2007


University at Buffalo, MArch, Master's in Architecture

I absolutely loved the experiences at SUNY Buffalo. I was introduced to Sustainable practices in Architecture with my research group of Sustainable Urban and Natural Environments.

My work included studying Urban Design principles and relating them to a shrinking city like Buffalo with a huge area of brownfields. I studied the shrinking pattern of the city and its diminishing economy. I also looked closely at other environmental crisis like the Love Canal. School projects usually helped develop a sensitivity to my surroundings and group work helped me work my fellow designers at close quarters. I have worked in a team with landscape architects and planners to help broaden my perspective in design.

Sep 2009 - Feb 2011

Areas of Specialization