Sophia Lennon

Sophia Lennon

Brooklyn, NY, US



I am a graduate of Dublin Institute of Technology Ireland and have received a four year Degree in the field of Interior Architecture (BA Design Interior & Furniture).

My design work is concerned with the creation of the internal spaces in which we live, work and play. It involves looking closely at the interface between buildings and the people who use them. Space planning and relationships of internal spaces to external architecture.



Dublin Institute of Technology, Mountjoy Square, Dublin 1., Bachelors, BA Design (Interior & Furniture)

Areas include:
Design Fundamentals; Design Communications; Critical Theory; Furniture Design; Interior Design.

Final Year Thesis
“Minimalistic Museum and Gallery Design- An exploration into the architectural designing of ideal art spaces”
Discussed what matters most for a museum or gallery to function well.
Argued that the discipline in the designing of a museum or gallery is that it should be kept minimal. I analyzed both national and international museums and galleries.
Major Design Thesis
Presented a systematic and structured solution to a challenging design problem. Which was original, creative and imaginative and displayed a high level of technical skill in the final presentation.
Submited plans, sections and elevations of a chosen building of which I researched into site location, relevant historical cultural social implications.

Sep 2006 - Oct 2010

Areas of Specialization