Caleb Lowery

Caleb Lowery

New York, NY, US



Hi! I'm a recent graduate with a professional Bachelors of Architecture, and I've just arrived in the New York area. I excel in creating eye-catching graphics and presentations, with a passion for Urban Design.  I hope to be working for a team that will allow to me to explore the interactions between society and architecture, and how the two can influence each other. From the home to the office, Architecture is an everyday part of life and should be made to best facilitate these daily activities.



University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, AR, US, Bachelors, Architecture

I graduated with a 5 year Professional's degree. In my last two years, I took my design studio's at the University of Arkansas Community Design Center(UACDC,) an award winning, non-profit organization that has done numerous projects to re-envision towns and neighborhoods in the surrounding communities, and has a flair for simple ideas and straightforward presentations.

During my time there I worked on: a townscaping plan for Farmington, AR, A Transit-oriented city plan for Fayetteville, AR, as well as completing a study of different densities in Fayetteville and the different typologies that came with it. These projects showed me the excitement that large scale urban design has to offer, and instilled me with an intense passion for community-based designs.

Aug 2006 - May 2011


2012 Institute Honor Awards for Regional and Urban Design, Award

Jury Comments:
"The premise of this project is very forward-thinking.

There is a great appreciation for the comprehensive scope of this project as well as the clear visualization of the character of the public space within the scale of infrastructure.

The preservation of the rural character of the existing town as well as the addition of the more modern elements has been masterfully handled."


2011 WAN Award for Urban Design: Finalist, Award

Transit and sprawl repair leads to design of a resilient city through scenario planning


2011 AIA Institute Honor Award for Regional and Urban Design, Award

Jury Comments :
"An urban design approach that is both design driven and community oriented simultaneously. This plan proves that a place laid out originally for cars can be adapted to a future where people are connected in other ways."
"A beautiful model for greening and organizing small town USA."
"here is much that we can learn from smaller communities, and "townscaping" is a creative example of what a small, long-established community can do to transform its 20th century roadway system into a 21st-century amenity."


2010 BSA unbuilt architecture design award, Award

Historically, a small Ozark railroad town economically centered on locally produced crops, Farmington and the design team re-conceived its entire public world in terms of agricultural enterprise—from urban strolls to wind farms. They describe the context as townscape planning, but the space-specific textures that term once implied are left in the dust. Their approach braids the country and city into new patterns—patterns that are only hinted at in publicly accessed conservation areas and kid-friendly demonstration farms.


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