Bill Caplan

Bill Caplan

New York, NY, US



Assoc. AIA
Author & Lecturer

My new book "Buildings Are for People" challenges the architectural design process by seeking more relevance. This means providing more architectural interaction with people and the locale. The methodology focuses on using a building's surfaces, shape and materiality to achieve people-friendly architecture in synergy with the natural environment. Challenging the way we approach sustainable design and the human interface, Buildings Are for People encourages building designs that are sensitive to people, program, and habitat. It explores the experiential aspects of building design, their relationship to its program, sense of place and the local community, achieved through green and sustainable architecture.

Available from Amazon and other online vendors worldwide. The book speaks to all those concerned with architecture's impact on people, our communities and our ecosystem - in other words, the state of building worldwide. As one reader succinctly put it, "whether you are a builder or a user of buildings, read this book first." More than 100 of my photographs and diagrams illustrate the text, visually articulating the good and the bad.  

In 2010, I founded the think-tank ShortList_0 Design Group LLC to bridge the gaps between architectural form and sustainable design. Prior to my involvement in sustainable design and my Master of Architecture at Pratt Institute, I founded a multi-national company to design and manufacture high tech semiconductor sensors after graduating from Cornell University, College of Engineering.  With facilities in the USA, UK, France and Germany, we contributed to a wide spectrum of design and development projects ranging from the space exploration, defense and automotive testing, to decoding the human genome, robotics and biomorphic interfaces.

With a Master of Architecture degree, a BS in Materials Engineering and an innovative career in research, design, development and fabrication, I combine cutting-edge high tech experience with the art of architectural design. Dedicated to deriving new design concepts in which form emerges parametrically from site specific needs, I specialize in guiding concept to reality.



ShortList_0 Design Group LLC, Managing Member

Founder and Managing Member

Oct 2010 - current


Pratt Institute, MArch, Master of Architecture

Cornell University - College of Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Materials Engineering

Aug 2006 - May 2009

Areas of Specialization