Bill Caplan

Bill Caplan

New York, NY, US



Activist for Human Ecological Design
Author of Buildings Are for People (2016) & Contrasts 21c: People & Places (2018)

"Buildings Are for People" (Libri Publishing) challenges the effectiveness of building design, critically examining our approach to 'sustainability' and the 'human interface'. A serious read, "Buildings Are for People" is an eye-opener. Enlightening the way we think about design,it reveals how building surfaces, shape and materials "interact" with people and the environment. While exploring building surfaces from their physical, sensible and operative perspectives – how they define space, afford experiences, and create environmental interactions – new possibilities come to light. This is a book about creating people-friendly and environment-friendly architecture.

The evocative photography of "Contrasts 21c" (Libri Publishing) transports the reader into distant locales in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia to unveil the incredible contrasts between rural and city life still present in this 21st century. Addressing the cultural diversity of this region and its challenges, it draws attention to the conflicts between self-sufficiency and sustainability in an admixture of ancient tradition and present-day reality. Beautifully expressed in full color with descriptive text, Contrasts 21c is a photo essay about people and places. Expressing a sensitivity to the human condition and the built and natural environments, it brings to life an eye-opening pictorial about human adaptability in these lands of stunning beauty.

After 34 years in high-tech, my career evolved from engineering to architecture. With a passion for architecture and people-friendly design, and an engineer's understanding of sustainable interactions, I devoted 10 years to reconcile the physical, sensible and operative manifestations of architecture – culminating in "Buildings are for People", followed by "Contrasts 21c".

I hold a Master of Architecture from Pratt Institute's Graduate School of Architecture & Urban Design, a Materials Engineering degree from Cornell University, and in 2010, established ShortList_0 Design Group LLC, a think tank for the built environment.



ShortList_0 Design Group LLC, Managing Member

Founder and Managing Member

Oct 2010 - current


Pratt Institute, MArch, Master of Architecture

Cornell University - College of Engineering, Bachelor of Science in Materials Engineering

Aug 2006 - May 2009

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