Carlos Marulanda

Carlos Marulanda

Cartago, CO

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Soy Arquitecto y Magíster en Construcción de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia con habilidades profesionales en diseño y construcción. Experiencia en trabajos como residente, director y controlador de obras para vivienda, comercio, edificios hospitalarios, educación y restauración de edificios, construcción de muros de contención, refuerzo estructural, construcción con sistema de mampostería estructural, hormigón y porches combinados. Seguimiento y control en la construcción desde la etapa de cimentación profunda o superficial, cubriendo obra gris y finalizando con acabados


CLEAR BUILDING, Bogotá, CO, Architec manager

 SITE DIRECTOR:| SEPTEMBER 2019-FEBRUARY 2020 | PORTAL DE LA SIERRA BUILDING | BOGOTÀ D.C | Washing and sealing of exposed brick including patches where required, maintenance of windows and application of silicone on openings. Asphalt emulsion application on the cylinder head and roof waterproofing. under-plate painting, waterproofing of retaining walls, traffic signaling, supply and installation of tempered glass door for pedestrian access, installation of railing to support personnel on ramp.

 • SITE DIRECTOR: | OCTOBER 2019-NOVEMBER 2019- | BOGOTÀ D.C | Coordination in the installation of laminate flooring and broom for a home BUILDING LOS CHAMBULES.

 CONSTRUCTION DIRECTOR: | SEPTEMBER 2019-OCTOBER 2019 | - | STUDIO BUILDING 57 | BOGOTÀ D.C | Maintenance of drinking water storage tank, includes resans and waterproofing.

 CONTROLLER: | MAY 2019-AUGUST 2019 | - | CONSTRUCTORA MACOIN | BOGOTÀ D.C | Technical, administrative, financial and environmental supervision for the locative repair and maintenance of the pool area of the KENNEDY-BOGOTÁ FIRE STATION.

 WORK DIRECTOR: | MAY 2019 –SEPTEMBER 2019 | TÀNAMO BUILDING | BOGOTÀ D.C |: Maintenance and repair of roof channels, application of paint in social areas, installation of a submersible motor pump to control the impoundment of water in the elevator shaft, including casting of the subfloor plate with repair mortar and adaptation for electrical point. Finished in a social area.

 DESIGN DIRECTOR: | OCTOBER 2018-APRIL 2019 | INGAS COMPANY | CHÍA-CUNDINAMARCA: Design of networks for natural gas conduction in homes and residential towers.

 SITE DIRECTOR: | JUNE 2018-SEPTEMBER 2018 | JAIME YOLANDA FOUNDATION BUILDING No 5 | BOGOTÀ D.C: Facade maintenance with koraza-type paint application, window washing and silicone coating, manufacture of washed gravel broom guards, fixing cracks in enclosure walls, application of paint on enclosure bars. Elaboration of a diagnosis on structural pathology and settlement of the building.


 II STAGE Follow-up of the construction process of the building under construction located in the seventh race with 61st street and possible damage to the La Salle Residences building.
 III STAGE Control of the structural behavior of the Residencias La Salle building in the face of the demolition process of the Hotel Viaggio building.
 IV STAGE Requests for control before public entities due to structural and pathologies of the Residencias La Salle building, as well as the management of debris and health alterations due to their accumulation.

• WORK DIRECTOR: | JULY 2016- AUGUST 2016 | RESIDENTIAL COMPLEX BUILDING ALTAVISTA | BOGOTÀ DC: Study and analysis of pathologies presented in the parking lot platform in particular to control damages and subsequent execution of maintenance in the structure with a total area of 300m2 due to the filtration of rainwater into the basement and the penetration of CO2 with affectations of sulfation and carbonation of concrete

• STRUCTURAL CONSULTANT: APRIL 29, 2016 - MAY 13, 2016. MOLINO DEL PARQUE II BUILDING PH BOGOTÀ DC: Study and analysis of pathologies in concrete structures affected by calcium carbonate salts that were deposited crystallized, affecting the internal structure of cement, in the pores, weathering the concrete mass and allowing greater penetration of carbon dioxide from the air.

• SITE DIRECTOR: | JUNE 2016- JULY 2016 | TORRES DE ANDALUCIA REIDENTIAL SET | BOGOTÀ DC: Haggling and repairing cracks on the upper part of the mezzanine plate in concrete of the parking area, Installation of pipes and accessories to control rainwater evacuation, Control of filtration through rainwater siphon, Excavation, waterproofing with a mantle and loading the floor with waterproofed mortar on the garden with affectation of the concrete structure towards the basement, Backfilling of the garden and planting of vegetation, Repair of half-round with fissure in vehicular access.

• SITE DIRECTOR: | APRIL 2016- JUNE 2016 | MOLINOS DEL PARQUE II PH RESIDENTIAL COMPLEX | BOGOTÀ D.C: Corrective maintenance, civil repairs, construction of gas niches and waterproofing of front gardens that showed cracks.

• SITE DIRECTOR: | DECEMBER 2014-MAY 2015 | MIRADOR DE ALAMEDA BUILDING | BOGOTÀ D.C: Technical administrative, financial, administrative, legal, social and environmental supervision for the maintenance of facades of 6 towers with a height of 16 floors, includes washing of exposed brick, maintenance of windows and painting, on balconies and railings.

• SITE DIRECTOR: | JANUARY 2013 – FEBRUARY 2013 | BUILDING SANTA MÒNICA | BOGOTÀ D.C: Washing and sealing of exposed brick including patches where required, maintenance of windows and application of silicone on openings.

Feb 2012 - current


Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá, CO, Masters, Architec


Jan 2010 - May 2015

Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá, CO, Masters, Architec

Main specialty: Design and Construction

Feb 1999 - Apr 2006

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