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Hans Marechal | M+R interior architecture

Eindhoven, NL

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M+R interior architecture

Hans Maréchal founded his architectural design office, M+R interior architecture in 2000. 

Our office activities often involve complex assignments such as converting and designing offices, airports, libraries, restaurants, hotels, theatres and casinos. Among our design skills and core activities for building and interior architecture we are also involved with revitalizing existing and monumental buildings. Our architects determine the form and content of each design assignment on the basis of the program of requirements. Creativity, functionality, sustainability and ergonomics are translated in a well thought-out manner into a unique final product with an identity of its own. Our business is all about listening, sensing, analyzing, sorting and eventually converting the request into an innovative solution.

Often our projects are complex tasks, interior architecture but on a larger scale. We start by approaching the project from an architectonic perspective. We analyze the functions and how the building is going to be used, then we research how best to organize the interior within the given space. To ensure the interior spaces optimally match their function and use, it happens regularly that we need to carry out structural alterations: adding or moving stairs, an entrance hall, a passageway or mezzanine.Our work is based on a total concept for the entire project. When we have finished, all the interior and exterior elements must blend into one entity, with each detail contributing to the desired result: from climate control to door knobs and from lighting to the pattern of the carpet.

Sustainability is gradually becoming a cliché, but that does not affect its importance. In our view the most obvious interpretation of sustainability is: to carry out projects that also provide long-term benefits for the customer. Material, finish and details are very important. At some point the wear and tear through time will always become visible, but the actual product should last for a long period of time, even from a visual point of view. Also in an ecological sense we aim for sustainability. This means that we use materials that are not too much of a burden on the natural resources, and we search for energy-efficient solutions for lighting and climate systems.Sustainability and innovation can form an excellent combination, if you carefully consider the solutions and work out all the details.

The power of a strong design is vision, innovation and the quality of realization.

Complex projects as for instance theatres and casinos require a very close collaboration; of course with the customer but also with the construction team; contractors and consultants. As an architect you need to take all these different interests into account yet continue to believe in your own vision. Within this dynamic unit we find that an architect must take over the role of initiator, inspirer and central point of contact. This is the person who can oversee all the facts and interests and first and foremost: this is the person who, amid all the different voices, can represent the user. This makes a good architect a director and producer, someone who knows how to blend all the different disciplines into one combined end product ●




Architecture Masterprize, Honorable Mention


AZ AWARD | Peoples choice, Award


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