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Hans Marechal | M+R interior architecture

Eindhoven, NL


Constructivism reborn | Rublev Business Lounge Sheremetyevo Airport

The concept of the architect for the terminal is the constructivism movement. Constructivism was an artistic and architectural philosophy that originated in Russia beginning in 1913 by Vladimir Tatlin. This was a rejection of the idea of autonomous art. He wanted 'to construct' art.This movement with the famous artists as Vladimir Tatlinand Kazimir Severinovitsj Malevitsjinfluenced the whole world. 

Constructivism was the start of a whole new period, creating architecture based upon steel and concrete. Steel allowed the architects to create higher buildings in combination with the development of elevators. The design of the lounge is inspired upon constructivism; M+R used the beautiful shaped union tower as eye-catchers in the lounge, this to create different spaces in the lounge area as a certain kind of zoning. “Because of the round shaped domes we were able to create a comfortable area with different zones for a total capacity of 450 seats”.  The seating area is fore seen with different kind seating’s, for dining; working; comfort and relaxing. The union shaped dome is an example of the first constructive development and have had a significant role in architecture. The positioning of the seats is in that way that every seat has a space of it's own, subtle, comfortable but spacious.

The lounge has a beautiful food line that is the longest food line in the world (Guinness World Book of Records™). The back wall of the lounge is made of wooden tiles in total 7.500 pieces; the slates as we know from the roof covering of the union domes. M+R added special led light fixtures to create an impressive wall.  

The lighting concept of the lounge is dynamic; M+R created a warm an inviting atmosphere, the lighting is following the differences during day and nighttime and changes in temperature and volume. These ceiling structures with wooden slats follow the architectural construction of the terminal hall. In the ceiling M+R created round shaped elements. These elements opens up the lounge to the sky, and are made of special indirect lighted and printed cloth.

The materials used in the Sheremetyevo Business are marble; steel and copper; glass and wood. Only natural and sustainable products from the surrounding of Moscow. 

The round shaped staircase and the glass elevator in the middle gives a beautiful entrance to the mezzanine floor with a bar, kitchen, various seating’s and relax, meeting plus sleeping rooms.

The staircase is covered in copper; the round shaped surrounding wall is a big mirror that extend the spacious feeling. The upper floor has the benefit of being raised above the lounge and therefor it is a more quiet and exclusive environment Ÿ

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Status: Built
Location: Sheremetyevo Airport Moscow RUSSIA
My Role: Architect
Additional Credits: M+R interior architecture | concept + design