Sab Bha Dhi Chant

Sab Bha Dhi Chant

Bentong, MY

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The Foundation of Dashizhi HeShi Tathagata Danarize!


HeShi Spacious EXPANZiZ, Karak, MY, EXPANSiSLiST

• Planning, EXPANSiS, designated, implementation and testing concept
• Constructing a contextualized community
• Interplay of diverse elements in architecture
• Creating a legacy for the future
• Greening the evolution on nature
• Reconciliation between discovering and creating a nature syntherator for
future, where architecture, space, matter and time fuse into one singular
• Bridging The Realms of iNterlace
• Reconciliation with ShiKerGist of Water, Reconnaissance with iNscALptist
of Nature, Recollection with Peakinist of Spacious EXPANSiS /ZiZ /XiX

Apr 2014 - current


University of New South Wales (UNSW), Kensington, AU, BArch, Bachelor of Architecture

Look at the World Through iNscALpticture:

City Stories and Architecture in the Chinese Garden of Urban Phenomenon; interpreted with Nature's Patterns of self-made Tapestries in three part, Shapes, Flow, and Branches. The Initiatives of Education Cultivation and Culmination; the Evolution of Form in Nature and Civilizations, Perceptions of Phenomenologist, and Energies Light of Perception to the Phenomenology of Urbanisms Architecture with the Emergence of Natural Light.

Mar 2001 - Mar 2004

Singapore Polytechnic, Clementi New Town, SG, Diploma in Architectural Technology

Quality Management Program:

Architectural history in the Masters of Post Modernism, with the industry revolution of Technologies and materials. Branding to fine tune of practice in the industry, the passage to the Architecture of "ShiKerGist" in Nature Phenomenon with the "Urban ToteMatriX."

Jun 1995 - Dec 2000


Singapore Institute of Architects Prize, 1st Place

Awarded for outstanding work in study!


Areas of Specialization