Sab Bha Dhi Chant

Sab Bha Dhi Chant

Bentong, MY


Guggenheim Helsinki Design Competition


BRiDGiNG the Realms of iNTERLACE

A Space to be Discovered

With different spectrums hold together in a harmonies’ language for the coexistence of natural interpersonal contains. The art of reconciliation between discovering and creating a nature ‘Syntherators’ for the future Spacious EXPANSiS; where architecture, space, matter and time fuse into one single dimension. Light’s impact on the way building are encountered sequentially, as a relies of visual and ultimately tactile experiences.

The interface of architecture, art and landscape happens in a natural way. Art incorporates free reflections and concepts, seeking the participation of observers who become user. Architecture becomes permeable, breaking down the boundaries between interior and exterior, and beginning to be observed like an object. The gaze of the artist and that of the architect overlap in the space between things, in the fluid dynamic of the cities and their surrounding nature-landscape control, not the form of empty space becomes the theme of the project. This control generates or reaction that triggers a non-formal dynamic in the landscape, revealing the reality of open space.

Architecture provides the dynamic equilibrium and resilience of modern living that communicating across cultures can be engaged. The patterns that connect, active and immense will engaged intuitive experience with nature and reconstitute to reimagining the building envelope.

A flexible and Ambiguous space lived and interpreted differently by different individuals as being a part of a tree is reenacted through a vision of Rhizomatic connections’ in Septum’s' "schizoids’ dream" that feels connected to the tree and even to the entire universe. A Kinetics utopian space open to different uses and practices with Reconceptualization and Reimagination of the present time/space in the form of reciprocally and flexibilities. 


A World of Difference

Architecture As Compelling Surprises of Exception

Towards A Phenomenology of Synchronicity

Spacious EXPANSiS is the understanding of architecture from The Reappearance of Place, documenting theoretical projects in the context of ever evolving views on architecture, urbanism, landscape, interior and lighting design.

In this collection, specially will introduces the "Space-Time-Matter-Gravity-Light-Ritual-Memory-Landscape and Place": A Silent Voice of Architecture which generating a Lifeworld, or a Lifeworld generating A Silent Voice of Architecture, so that one reinforces the others. The Concept may be KiNESTHETiC, MORPHOLOGiCAL, or WORLDLY. The architecture may be PHENOMENARiSTiC or RECiPRONARiSTiC, TIMELY or PLACE LOCI. Silent Voice-Architecture Loci’s act as organizing devices or common denominators for the multiple dimensions of programs and their evolution over time, and drive the projects featured in works of CREATiON for Nature of SYNCHRONiCiTY.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Helsinki, FI