Jason Espinoza

Jason Espinoza

Irvine, CA, US




University of California, Irvine, Irvine, Associate Director of Operations (MSOII Supervisor)

Directly supervise the Sr. Maintenance Supervisor, Grounds Operations, Sr. Maintenance Supervisor of Custodial and Painting Services, the Operations Coordinator, front desk operations and 20 service trade FTE. Responsible for establishment of capital improvement projects through completion, including the administering of $11.2M annual revenue and expenses; oversight of $100,000 to $6M in major maintenance funding. Seasoned professional with multifaceted experience, regularly performing multiple assignments, within a fast-paced environment, on-time, on budget and ahead of schedule.
• Capital Improvements: Management of new construction, renovation and site improvements currently responsible for over $75m in capital improvement projects 2011-2015.
• Facilities Operations Management: Direct supervision of maintenance and custodial operations. Protocols, operational service standards and satisfaction metrics. Direct oversight of 852 multifamily residences, 1704 bed spaces, 1900 residents, comprised within 110 individual buildings, 5 children care centers, 1 convenience store, 21 laundry facilities and 66-acres of diverse landscape.
• Project management: Responsible for the development and direction of architectural support, capital improvement projects, contracts, budgeting and scheduling.
• Strategic Planning: Responsible for the establishment of the LRDP through coordinated and innovative channels, politically and socially astute, ability to establish strategic partnerships cross organizationally.

Apr 2011 - current

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) - Housing & Hospitality Services, Los Angeles, CA, US, Management Services Officer I- Supervisor

As a direct report to the Director of Room Operations and the Director of Physical Plant Operations. My duties included renovation, preventive maintenance, major maintenance work orders, and oversight assistance for various Capital Programs projects and bidding development for yearly major maintenance accounts in excess of $13 to $16 million annually.
• Construction design, specification development, acted as a liaison for Rooms Division
• Developed financial tracking reports and processes for project management.
• Established new department, On-Campus Housing Project Services
• Extensive experience is first-class housing and dining facility development and improvement.
• Preventative maintenance budgeting, management and scheduling
• Space allocation planning and relocation.

Oct 2006 - Apr 2011

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) - Housing & Hospitality Services, Los Angeles, CA, US, Management Services Officer I- Residence Hall Manager

As a direct report to the east-area manager of the rooms division, I was responsible for over 1,040 residential units, 35,000 sq. ft. of conference space and 3 acres of landscape. My daily operational duties included:
• Directed custodial and maintenance operations
• Oversight of residential and conference facilities
• Prepared/Maintained an annual budget in excess of $4.2 million
• Preventative maintenance protocols and schedules

Aug 2005 - Oct 2006

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) - Housing & Hospitality Services, Los Angeles, CA, US, Asst. Residence Hall Manager (AAIII Supervisor)

As a direct report to the Residence Hall Manager, I was responsible for the oversight of the front desk operation; an office population of 42 with full service capabilities. In September 2004, I was given the additional responsibility of managing the housekeeping division, thus propelling me into the Residence Hall Manager position. My duties included:
• Customer complaints
• Established operational calendar
• Inventory controls and protocols
• Front desk operations
• Assisted oversight of custodial and maintenance operations

Aug 2004 - Aug 2005

Brighton Management, LLC, Diamond Bar, CA, US, Director of Operations

This firm managed commercial, hotel and residential properties. A direct report to the president and CEO with responsibilities of managing all business activities at 4 franchise hotels and 1 low-rise apartment complex in the Southern California area and oversight of marketing and new business activity within the real estate division. As senior member of the new development committee I advised on major credit and new business decisions. My duties included:
• Preventative maintenance protocols.
• Customer service and educational training programs.
• Direct new construction and renovation of hotel and multi-housing facilities, budgets in excess of $5 to $25 million.
• Oversight of operational revenue accounts & new business acquisitions

May 2003 - Apr 2005

Chaffey Community College, Rancho Cucamonga, CA, US, Instructional Assistant I

Recruited by the Dean of Library Sciences, and reporting to the Dir. of the writing center, I was responsible for total formation of this start-up, which included all hiring, filing protocols, state/federal funding records, and development of training/tutoring courses. This office was responsible for over $1.9 million in factored volume/revenue consisting of over 650 students. I established a seasoned team of writing counselors, faculty and other professionals who tutored all students in need of writing advice and assistance.
My duties included:
• Developed operational protocols
• Development of training sessions
• Implemented various fundraising and campus community oriented programs
• Maintained intake records and documents
• Supervised academic and part-time staff

Apr 2000 - May 2003

Virgin Entertainment Group, Los Angeles, CA, US, Shift Manager/Location Specialist

I joined the company as a sales associate with general sales duties. Quickly promoted to senior sales manager reporting directly to the store manager, I was responsible for scheduling, product displays and customer relations. July 1998, I was promoted and transferred to Las Vegas responsible for warehouse operations and store development protocols for all new locations nationwide. Responsibilities included operations office management, inventory controls, store development, construction and space allocation planning. I was responsible for the start-up of 12 locations nationwide, my duties included:
• Customer service standards and training protocols
• Operational standards and protocols
• Responsible for the development and construction oversight
Warehouse training and space planning.

May 1997 - Nov 1999


Damien High Schools, La Verne, CA, High School, Gen. Ed/ American History

This was a private preparatory Catholic high school, the education received was high quality. Garnering the responsibility required at such a competitive environment, preparing me for a future in corporate and public enterprise.

Aug 1991 - May 1995


Star Award, Award

This award was issued to 12 of 250 staff members for service and work success. I was awarded for my effective teamwork and construction management.


Service Award, Award

I received a monetary award for effective leadership and for successful completion of renovating residential apartments while occupied.