Pablo Lopez Ampudia

Pablo Lopez Ampudia

Newark, NJ, US


Food Innovation Center

During the present years, Philadelphia has been through a major architectural transformation that has raised interest in reclaiming the piers as part of the city.This project embarks on the idea of reclaiming the island to the Philadelphia context.
The edges of the existing Philadelphia piers were and influential force that originated a guideline and generator for field operations and building on the site. These grid lines would serve specifically as field operations such as irrigation systems, electrical systems and landscape features that would help sustain the cultivation fields.
The design of the building relied on the idea of the pier projection and the relationship
that the perimeter of the building should have to these projections. With this idea of creating a banding field, the original scheme of the building was to emulate the field banding into programmatic banding distribution .
Within each of the strips a central volumetric moment occurs in order to create a main exhibition space.The reason for this was to allow for the different program to have views of
the exhibition space, in other words the exhibition space would be the epicenter of each of the strips.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Petty Island, Pennsauken Township