Pablo Lopez Ampudia

Pablo Lopez Ampudia

Newark, NJ, US


Bay Head Town Hall

The schematic Design mission is to create a new model of architecture in
the Township of Bay Head under the new recently established regulation
by FEMA. The following conceptual project focuses primaraly on the perception of the ground plane regulated by FEMA in which structures must
be raised eleven feet above sea level allowing the main structural componets to be above flooding line.
The Township of Bay Head has not declared an established budget but the
project seeks to minimalize cost and have a low environmental impact in
the area and to maximize the architectural potential to inspire future construction in the area.
Though academic reasearch a series of wetland systems were developed in
order to reduce the impact of the tides during tropical storms and Hurricanes that have been affecting the area in the present years, mainly with
the after effects of Hurricane Sandy .
The overall design will provide a memorable and identifiable experience
for the small community of Bay Head by providing a new architectonic
design idea of an international influence.

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Status: School Project
Location: Bay Head New Jersey