Platform for Architecture + Research (PAR)

Platform for Architecture + Research (PAR)

Los Angeles, CA



The Los Angeles Forum for Architecture + Urban Design invited PAR to design a temporary structure for their annual ForumFest benefit held at the Sixth Street Viaduct on October 25, 2015. 

Embracing the brutality of the site with an extraordinarily light structure, the design revealed a subtle play on light and perception, its reflective forms changing according to the light and movement of people around it. The floating aluminum structure, suspended by a series of delicate steel cables, provided an undulating field for activity where people could celebrate within the viaduct. Elements of the structure varied in height, creating lighting canopies and table surfaces, where the ForumFest events program could be presented.

TYPE: Cultural
LOCATION: Los Angeles
STATUS: 2015, Completed
AREA: 200 SF
CLIENT:  LA Forum for Architecture + Urban Design

ARCHITECT: Jennifer Marmon, Partner In Charge;
TEAM: John Chang, Darrell Ibanez, Malcolm Galang, Luke Feiderer
ENGINEERING: ARUP: Russell Fortmeyer, Associate, Sustainability; Gregory Neilsen, PE

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Status: Built
Location: Los Angeles, CA, US