Osama Siam

Osama Siam

Kuwait, KW


Private Palace - Oman

The Project is a Private Palace with a Hybrid modern Architecture design consists of One floor building with Two side services buildings located in Suhar Governorate - The Sultanate of Oman.

•The Owner:
H. H. Sheikh. MISHAL ALAHMAD ALSABAH - The Deputy Chief of the National Guard - Kuwait
•The Principal Architect and Supervision:
Osama E. Siam, Hybrid International (Design + Build) Company - Kuwait
From January, 2011 until March, 2012
•Time of construction:
From March, 2013 until March, 2015 (24 months)
•Costs of construction:
Approx. 2,000,000.000 Euro


•The Lot size:
160,000 Sqm Ranch, having streets around the plot and 3 Main entrances.
The Building serves as the Center nude of the Ranch with a Built-up area is 975 Sqm, Built on an Area dedicated for the Project including Landscaping and Roads of 4300 Sqm.

Areas are divided into:
910 Sqm Ground floor level (775 Sqm for the Main Building + 135 Sqm Two Service
Buildings) + 65 Sqm Roof level,
•Exterior surface area:
Total Exterior Surface area for all Elevations= 1850 Sqm (Solid area 1400 Sqm +
Glazing area 450 Sqm)
•Interior Volume:
The total interior volume is 4475 m3 divided into: 4280 m3 Ground floor level and
195m3 Roof level,

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Status: Built
Location: Suhar, OM