Chenguang (Oscar) Li

Chenguang (Oscar) Li

Los Angeles, CA, US


Highrise Design

The studio is regarded as an introduction to complex highrise design. It consists two phases
- master plan and a individual building design. Programs have to be put into the site accordingly
optimized first.

Modern society is a society of flexibility, which means a freedom ofspace is essential. Since the
revolution of construction and space of modernism in architecture, generations of architects try to
make space as free as possible. The essence of doing this is to reduce the ratio of the structure.

Suspenion system is an efficient way of reducing structure comsuption of steel. The floor plates
are suspended by the suspension system, with the mega-structure. The mega-structure also makes it
possible to make connections, and the components of the architecture are comparatively flexible.

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Status: School Project
Location: Shanghai, CN