Chenguang (Oscar) Li

Chenguang (Oscar) Li

Los Angeles, CA, US



The project is a proposal for an archaeological site on Failaka Island. Even though it is not necessary to do as Arabians do when in an Arabian region, the environment is powerful enough to inspire people with ideas and flashes of thoughts. Especially when facing Failaka Island, it was dominated by a lot of different civilizations and cultures in history, and the ruins can prove the movement of human beings in the history. On the land of Failaka, histories and cultures are like nomads, they are never settled. Nowadays, human beings still keep moving, and we will be nomadic in future as well. In this sense, architecture should not necessarilly be stable and fixed to the ground. The design aims to develop a flexible and nomadic system which gives possibility of change and movement. At the same time, the design also needs to be constrained by contextualism, which means a harmony with the barren environment.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Kuwait