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Daybreak Mews Homes

Responding to the growing demand for walkable living, Opticos Design and Holmes Homes have brought an innovative collection of Missing Middle mews housing to the Salt Lake City area. Holmes approached Opticos with an interest in providing new housing options that were within reach for first-time home buyers. The Utah homebuilder had an enigmatic site that could be a proving ground for innovation. At Daybreak, Utah—a New Urbanist community lauded in the national media for its walkable housing options—two deep lots were giving the developer a headache. The lots were turning out to be less than ideal for traditional townhomes, with drawing-table schemes unable to avoid awkwardly situated, underutilized space at the center of the block. Opticos responded to this dilemma with a concept for an intimate collection of Mews Homes™. The final plan maximizes the use of the deep block by facing a row of buildings onto a mews, a pedestrian-only passageway. 

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Status: Built
Location: South Jordan, UT, US
Firm Role: Design Architect