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Bungalows on the Lake at Prairie Queen: Missing Middle Neighborhood

Jerry Reimer of Urban Village Development was an experienced infill developer with an ambitious plan to build a walkable, sustainable community on an empty parcel of land in Nebraska. Opticos designed a vibrant, one-of-a-kind New Urbanist neighborhood that now serves as an inspiring model for walkable urban architecture—not just for the Omaha and Lincoln regions, but for the country as a whole. 

Opticos responded to Reimer’s call with a detailed master plan for the site, dubbed Prairie Queen. The plan encompasses fifty verdant acres of Missing Middle Housing, including mansion apartments, fourplexes, and townhouses, designed by Opticos, all elegantly placed around a refined network of narrow streets and blocks. Emphasis is placed on walkability first, including thoughtful ways to “park” the site minimally with alley loading and on-street parking, which helps maintain a tranquil vibe and keeps cars from defining the character of the neighborhood. Other features include a “center” to come: a series of flexible spaces that can grow into retail and commercial use as market demand matures over time. As part of the entitlement package, Opticos provided a Form-Based Code to replace the existing zoning.

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Status: Built
Location: Papillion, NE, US
Firm Role: Design Architect and Master Planner
Additional Credits: Architect of Record: TRB Architecture
Civil Engineer: SEH

Bungalows On The Lake at Prairie Queen: A Missing Middle Neighborhood