Andrew Oliver

Andrew Oliver

Anaheim, CA, US


Red Hill Estate

Red Hill Estate is a combination of agricultural production and commercial space on one site. The project took the original site’s program, consisting of small shops with a bank and grocery store as its anchors, and integrated a vineyard with grapes being grown in an adjacent vacant lot. The two programs work in concert to establish a symbiotic relationship. The program of a vineyard demands large open spaces to be occupied by rentable production equipment only a few weeks out of the year. The program of a strip mall exploits this aspect by utilizing the free space as a plaza. When the vineyard is in production, the plazas are replaced by the open spectacle of wine making. An architectural instrument was derived from visiting vineyards and was an abstraction of the veins of a leaf. The instrument was basis of the form of the roof as well as the structure of the plan. With the existing anchor of the site being a market, the design integrated the vineyard and organized the would be supporting shops into their related zones of a grocery store.  

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Status: School Project
Location: Rancho Cucamonga, CA, US