Istanbul, TR



In a world that you no longer need a watch for checking the time, they are more valuable than ever before.  Exclusive pieces you wear as accessories and jewels, they are still vibrant, creating their own communities, gathering their own crowds with similar interests and tastes. 

Hosting guests under the roof of three luxury watch brands Cartier, Panerai and IWC, Entropia is designed to be an exclusive lounge, to be a meeting point for this exquisite crowd.  A gathering spot in a new era where the watches are no longer sold in horology boutiques.  A place where you'll experience something different in every visit.

Greeting different needs and changing functions of the space, the lounge is designed by Ofist, an award winning, global design studio who analyzes the needs of the project deeply, evaluates each single project on its own circumstances and blends the excitement of this new project with the experience.  

In Entropia, the interior is designed as a blending of Art Deco timelessness and the French elegance. Classic materials like brass, marble, walnut wood, wallpapers, mirrors, fabrics and handmade ceramic tiles are used, familiar to this distinguished world.  Nothing surprising, nothing new.  Just as if it is a centennial space.  Warm, familiar, chic and elegant. 

Meeting haute horology with art and design, the space is build upon three main spaces; a spacious meeting room enclosed by an elegant library, a more cozy lounge area called as Da Vinci Room and a Collectors’ Room for VIP gatherings, Entropia becomes a place where time stops, for a time like never before and an experience you'll never ever have again. 

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Status: Built
Location: Istanbul, TR
Firm Role: Interior Design