Studio O+A

Studio O+A

San Francisco, CA


Uber 5

No client in O+A’s 25-year history has more enthusiastically embraced the creativity of design than Uber. As the maverick ride-share company expands to new locations and new floors of its present location, each project becomes a blank canvas on which to explore a fresh theme. That theme for the 5th floor of Uber’s San Francisco headquarters was Paris Meets Blade Runner—a high-concept tagline that became, in execution, a meditation on the layered transience of design.

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Status: Built
Location: San Francisco, CA, US
Additional Credits: Team: Denise Cherry, Elizabeth Guerrero, Michelle Richter, David Hunter, Hilary Hanhan, Jocelyn Lee, Alma Lopez, Sarah Dziuba, Alan Lee, Donald Koide, Elizabeth Vereker, Clem Soga

Photographer: Jasper Sanidad