Studio O+A

Studio O+A

San Francisco, CA


Food for Thought Truck

When O+A co-founder Verda Alexander first imagined an office on wheels she thought of it as a co-working space for laptop nomads and far flung commuters. Only later did the idea of a mobile design studio emerge. Food for Thought Truck’s principle purpose is to spark creativity among O+A’s young designers and “give back” after 27 years of working with some of the most powerful companies in the world. Austerely functional in design, ever-playful in spirit, Food for Thought Truck travels to communities around California and engages with local stakeholders on site-specific projects. Part social outreach program, part design crusade, part radical art lab, the truck’s itinerary is project-driven, exploring how design can be a force for good, particularly in localities where it hasn’t been a factor.

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Status: Built
Additional Credits: Team: Verda Alexander, Kristina Cho, Nikki Hall, Marbel Calderon, Paulina McFarland, Al McKee, Chase Lunt, George Craigmyle, Elizabeth Vereker, Liliana Lewika, Rachelle Meneses, Lisa Bieringer

Photographers: Lex & Ev