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Rendered by Paralel Studio
Rendered by Paralel Studio
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Residential House in Didi Digomi

The project was developed between II and III micro/districts of Didi Digomi in Tbilisi. For the development of the urban environment of modern Tbilisi, architectural intervention in this place is a kind of challenge, because now this area is being actively developed, and the existing background is quite chaotic. In the peripheral zones, quite budgetary constructions are mainly carried out, and therefore much attention is not paid to the artistic-architectural appearance of the buildings, the quality of finishing, the ecological factor, etc. 

We want this project to be a precedent for raising the level of common construction and architectural standards in peripheral areas, which we think will be a healthy factor for the city and its society. Our goal was to create a facility that would connect more with nature and positively impact the surrounding development. That is why the facade of the building is covered with environmentally friendly and sustainable natural bricks. The given solution of the facade, with a symmetrical grid structure, encloses the entire volume and creates a unified image. In a chaotic development, which is stylistically and volumetrically fragmented and collaged, it is necessary that each new architectural object be placed under a single cohesive concept and not increase the feeling of disorganisation. 

There are metal railings on all four sides of the facade, along the entire perimeter, and stained glass windows on an aluminum system are used to fill the openings. The multi-apartment residential building consists of 2 ground-level lower floors and 11 above-ground floors.

Our Service: Architecture

Year: 2022

Project Status: In Progress

Project Team: Luka Chaganava / Giorgi Vardosanidze / Nikala Glonti / Victoria Sukiasova / David Balavadze

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Status: Built
Location: Tbilisi, GE
Firm Role: Architecture, Interior Design

Rendered by Paralel Studio
Rendered by Paralel Studio
Rendered by Paralel Studio
Rendered by Paralel Studio