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Rendered by Paralel Studio
Rendered by Paralel Studio
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Digomi Residential House

This residential housing project is located in the immediate vicinity of the Digomi floodplain, in Tbilisi, Georgia. The urban environment in the area is under active development and lacks an established character.

As this environment needs safe recreational areas, the main objective in locating the building on the site was to provide as much space for an internal yard as possible and also to make the path leading to the flats an interesting journey for the residents.

The volume of the building is divided into 2 blocks, with the main living space stretched between 4 monumental walls. They are connected by two-story communal terraces located at one-floor intervals. We believe that this intermediate, transitional space provides breathing space for building volume. We hope that the communal terraces will encourage a healthy coexistence between the habitats of the flats.

The finishing materials chosen are eco-friendly: glazed ceramic tiles, cast-reinforced mosaic-type tiles, natural dacite stone, and door and window openings arranged in a wooden sliding system.

We believe that this design solution will contribute to a healthy urban fabric and that this urban environment will, in turn, contribute to the proper development of the organism of the city.

Our Service: Architecture

Year: 2022

Project Status: In Progress

Project Team: Luka Chaganava / Mariam Karchkhadze / Victoria Sukiasova / David Balavadze / Saba Imedadze

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Tbilisi, GE
Firm Role: architecture, Interior Design

Rendered by Paralel Studio
Rendered by Paralel Studio
Rendered by Paralel Studio
Rendered by Paralel Studio
Rendered by Paralel Studio
Rendered by Paralel Studio