Neumann & Rudy

Neumann & Rudy

New York, NY


Bergdorf Goodman

MNA was tasked to re-design the ground floor of Bergdorf’s, unifying Period Rooms, design new contemporary areas and create new Jewelry Salons with a new façade design for the dedicated jewelry salons entry on the 57th Street.

For the new Jewelry Salons, with a dedicated entry on 57th Street, provide an opportunity to present Bergdorf’s distinctive jewelry collection in an elegant suite of exquisite finishes. Within new, traditionally detailed rooms are inserted elements that play off the chiseled shapes of gemstone design of the ‘20s and ‘30s - a motif in wall paneling, vitrines, and custom chandeliers.

Ambient and focused light are refracted in reflective and faceted surfaces, further illustrated in the dappled pattern of the hand-knotted carpet. A folding screen display wall of gray pigskin with brass bamboo frames houses smaller designer collections. Two stepped, octagonal floor vitrines are faced in edge-lit selenite panels.

Known as the “Legacy Rooms” this suite of period rooms in the French Style was the essence of Bergdorf’s, but was disjointed by inconsistencies in design. To unify Bergdorf’s existing suite of period rooms in the French Style, original plasterwork is replaced with lighter, more consistent and appropriate pastoral motifs. Portals between rooms are aligned and centered on a newly opened window facing Central Park, and a new marble floor pattern is used throughout.

Display fixtures share a palette of luxurious materials and are designed to be harmonious but not identical, stylistically tying together the Fifth Avenue Rooms.

The Pavilion features a shimmering sculptural display comprised edge-lit custom cast glass blocks – inspired by the iconic 1922 lacquer screen designed by Eileen Gray – on a cubist patterned floor in tones of Bleu de Savoie marble.

The composition of glowing, fragmented glass dissolves the piece’s massive scale, creating a porosity that gives it depth. It provides a dramatic handbag display as well as a signature light source. Contemporary custom fixtures complete the room with their distinctive finishes of textured brass, bronze and French pewter, as well as hammered ebonized wood.

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US
Firm Role: Architect