Nicholas Backer

Nicholas Backer

State College, PA, US


Hamilton Ave.

Five multi use buildings including retail, live-work-play amenities, and residences (with adjacent pool area and fitness gym) are designed to fill area 3 of the proposed improvement and rejuvenation project around the perimeter of the beltline (highway 285) in Atlanta, GA. The buildings are take inspiration from peter barber and his donnybrook project near Victoria Park, London.

Visitors hiking around the new walking path adjoining the beltline will be able to enjoy not only the views of the property, but a neighboring outdoor bar and restaurant area. Perfect for a quick bite, lounging meal, or festive drink. This project proposes to meld the lines between public and private use enabling the property to be enjoyed by all.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Atlanta, GA, US
My Role: Conceptual design, Schematic design, project modeling, render creation, material organization.