New Wave Architecture (Lida Almassian / Shahin Heidari)

New Wave Architecture (Lida Almassian / Shahin Heidari)

Tehran, IR


Polour Rock Climbing Hall

Laying on the pristine context of Polour, overlooking the highest peak of Iran -Mount Damavand-, and responding the climbing potential of the region, a spirited sport facility is imprinted delicately in the rocky lands of Mazandaran
Being inspired by the geological process of the large-scale movements of the earth‘s crust and its tectonic forces, all end up to initial clues to co-operate for drawing up Polour Rock Climbing Hall.
The fragmented mass comes into a multi-facet entity, stems from the layers of nature and gradually rises, peaks and moves down soberly.
Nature and landscape visually creep into the building through the transitive atrium and triangular openings, while presenting natural daylight and providing a dynamic sport hall for climbers, from training to competition.
With approximately a total area of 4500 square meters extending along south-east to south-west, the rock climbing gym creates  a tangible architectural space where aesthetics is as prominence as performance. Bouldering hall, temporary accommodation zone, fitness gyms and maintenance areas are enclosed by boulder–like walls.
The climbing walls are mounted in front of the atrium, proposing new impressions for the moving observer. Both the users inside and viewers outside interact a dynamic relationship with the climbing gym, while the exterior facets offer outdoor bouldering for climbers.
In harmony with the dominant color of the surroundings, white fiber cement panels are considered for the facets to  settle down the whole building in its snowy context.
Steel moment resisting frames are used as the main structural system; while tubular trusses transmit the floor loads to vertical elements due to project long spans.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Polour, Mazandaran, Iran
Additional Credits:

Polour Rock Climbing Hall
New wave Architecture (Lida Almassian/Shahin Heidari)
Architects: Lida Almassian/Shahin Heidari
Architects Associates:
Maryam Amanpour, Zahra Hamedani, Tina Yavarian, Atieh Ameri, Saeid Fahimpour, Mona Ramzi, Fateme Dehghani,
Shadi Jelvi. Sara Farahani, Mohammad Keshavarzi ,Marjan Najafizadegan,Helaleh Alaei
Client: Development and Maintenance of Sports Facilities
Design Date: 2012