New Wave Architecture (Lida Almassian / Shahin Heidari)

New Wave Architecture (Lida Almassian / Shahin Heidari)

Tehran, IR


Meygoun Residential Complex

Meygoon is well-situated in a delightful climatic area in the north side of Tehran, while residence in Tehran as one of most polluted metropolitan in Asia suffered a lot from its high rate of pollution and stress. For people in Tehran seeking temporary stopover in suburbs of city is so desired and somehow common,  as for the designer it comes to mind how to create and space which help to its residents to collect their energy and peace of mind to get back to their activities in the city. The biggest obstacle in front was the client request about using a lot of projects as much as it is possible and using going in levels to ultimate height limitation.

Meygoon is in range of highlands with rocks as the primary context of the ground and very cold and dry climate. In respect to the mentioned environment and with goal of saving the visual contact between residence and surrounding, the design was progressed, as in south side with applying wide traces in addition to the floor to ceiling openings the possibility of creation and defining new activates for residence in front of such beautiful and significant scenes were became applicable, alike to alive pictures. These wide windows embraced beautiful natural scenes and illustrated the flying of time from sunrise to the sunset, in a different season for their observers. The projects facades were designed and covered with semi-similar rock shape crusts with inspiration from stone and sharp edge rocks around the lot. This trend in design generates some terraces that moreover control Unpleasant west, cold wind it can be used on some occasions by the residence. In the east side of the building for creating safe and bumper zone beside the main road, some chaotic tracks of shapes which are more looking like harsh cuttings were shaped, that could work either as window and opening for terraces in case. In between two substantial volume, a void was designed to play the role of central space and Atrium for the building with a high value of light which with its wide transparent partitions, create a peaceful and lovely outlook for residents to walk around and enjoy. A green roof for multi-functional events is designing, sports zone is in the underground with gym, sauna, and pool, and finally, magnificent terraces facing to the mountains could be a recovery space for the residence.  

New Wave architecture- Lida Almassian / Shahin Heidari

Principal Architects: Lida Almassian / Shahin Heidari

Team member: Zahra Hamedani , Maryam Amanpour, Tina Yavarian , Soheila Zahedi, Shirin Zeiaei, Ilnaz Ashayeri, Pary Pour Moghaddam, Paniz Mehri,

Structural Designer: Yaghoub Abedpour

Client and Contractor:  Yghoub Abedpour / Kamran Jalilvand

Gross floor area: 5000 sqm

Completion Date: 2018

Photographs: Parham Taghioff

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Status: Built
Location: Tehran, IR
Firm Role: Lead Architect