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Editor's Picks #447

Anupama Kundoo and her team prepare to set up their installation, 'Building Knowledge,' in the Arsenale in Venice. Image credit: Marta San Vicente Othello Village in Seattle. Image via kuow.org The Kundoo team in Venice. Credit; Marta San Vicente Unexpected places … the stairwells with seating areas Photograph; Iwan Baan / PR Image ‘The bricks are draped like chainmail over a muscular concrete cage’ … Tate Modern; the facade Photograph Iwan Baan Simon Kretz w David Chipperfield Clever renderings ... the proposed Pier 55 in New York, top, and the Garden Bridge in London. Composite Heatherwick Studios/Arup via Meriem Sakrouhi via AGi architects via AGi architects via AGi architects Dyanon Bistro in Ecuador by Jannina Cabal Bridge House in Kent, CT by Joeb Moore & Partners Architects, LLC; Photo David Sundberg/Esto via Ramon Hernandez The Most Important Room in the (US) Pavilion. Photo credit- Kristen Gandy via Ramon Hernandez via Ramon Hernandez via Ramon Hernandez via Ramon Hernandez via Will Galloway (the finished building) via Will Galloway Original 3dh idea, a computed framework replacing tradisional ribs. NASA realised the method fit for smaller commersial aeroplanes via Per Corell