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Editor's Picks #437

One of the opening spreads in 'the Geologic Imagination' reveals, in fragmented form, what was once the Aral Sea until it was drained by the USSR for the sake of cotton production. Credit- The Geologic Imagination / Sonic Acts A spread from 'the Underdome Guide to Energy Reform.' Credit- Janette Kim and Erik Carver / Princeton Architectural Press Minimaforms 'Emotive City,' courtesy of Theodore Spyropoulos (Director of AADRL) by Frank Hanswijk for Venturi, Scott Brown and Associates, Inc The El Centro building from the west side in 2014 The new El Centro camp of Northeastern University by the Kimball exit of the Kennedy Expressway in Chicago is designed by Chicago architect Juan Moreno (Nancy Stone : Chicago Tribune) TREEDOM in Budapest, Hungary by Atelier YokYok INFINITY in Los Angeles, CA by Platform for Architecture + Research (PAR) via Andrzej Bratkowski NISEKO HOUSE | Luxury Residential Unit in Niseko, Sapporo. Architecture Project, Under Construction, 2013-2015 Japan, Hokkaido. in collaboration with Affect-t via Joachim Perez (Dr. Juhong Park led studio) via Joachim Perez The TWA Flight Center or Trans World Flight Center (under construction) designed by Eero Saarinen The Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption via Ken W. of Yelp The Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption via Yueyue W. of Yelp via Cambino