Nelson Munares

Nelson Munares

Los Angeles, CA, US


Square of the Arts, 2009

In a political attack, the dictatorship that governed Peru in the decade of the 90s burned and disappeared the headquarters of the National Bank, located in the historic center of Lima. A competition for designing an arts complex in thet plot was announced, it would be called The Square of the Arts.   

Our proposal delimits the space of the complex through a cloister, which is a typical form of Lima architecture, but that form is used here as a permeable barrier between the street and the building, resulting in a square around which the different ambiences of the complex are organized, such as the auditorium, library, studios, etc. Underneath the square is a large auditorium.

The contest was canceled and no winner was announced.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Lima, PE
My Role: Co-Author