negar samiee

negar samiee

Tehran, IR


School Project

The school is located in Yazd. The total area is 8000 m2 (100*80). Three sides of that, accesses to street and it has neighborhood from north side. Also, there is a park on the East side, too. The wind blow from East-North to West-North. The weather of Yazd is dry and hot and the rainfall is low. The materials which are used in school are brick, concrete, wood and glass.

The concept of project is using court yard that is ordinary form in building houses in Yazd. Also, setting out the library in the middle of school that everyone can see it and to persuade student to go there. The structure of library is similar to bridge and it has a hole in the central that allows trees which set in court yard, use sun light. Using Badgir for circulation of air, shelter to reduce sun light intensity and sky light to reach sun light to main stair way are the concept of project.

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Status: School Project
Location: Yazd,IR
My Role: Designer