negar samiee

negar samiee

Tehran, IR


Performance Art Project

The site of this project is located in Tehran and in the Laleh Zar neighborhood. Laleh Zar is the birthplace of cinema and Theater in Tehran. In the past, many theaters and cinemas were built in this place, and make the neighborhood a place for gatherings. Unfortunately, the usage of this place has been changed. Laleh Zar has been changed from a place for youth to the Chandeliers' market throughout these years. Valuable buildings have been constructed in this place which most of them are abandoned. The purpose of this project is rebuilding the old Laleh Zar to return this valuable neighborhood to its peak.

One of the concepts of this project is setting the public and green space on the theater roof because of the better view that it has to city and neighborhood than grand floor. Also, using outer ramp to link the floors together and to the yard in roof and let the visitors to enjoy of fresh air and the views of well, consoling the ramps to create voids to reach light to lower part. As well, keeping the old brick shell and use it as a part of structure.

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Status: School Project
Location: Tehran, IR
My Role: Designer