oded narkis

oded narkis

Tel Aviv, IL


Zizhu International Education Center, Shanghai

Cultural Harbor,  Academic Highlands

Attracting the best from around the world in one location: the highest in education and culture; ideas, talent, and research for the future. This exchange and distribution is the meaning of the Harbor.

Leading disciplines from the top universities to ensure diverse development,
cross-border cooperation, and the creation of center that stands for academic
achievements - Zizhu International Education Centre – becoming a National and
global leader for innovation, ideas, and leaders for the future.
This Diversity of knowledge at the highest standards is the meaning of the Highlands.

“Education campus” - breathes day and night with education, lifestyle, landscapes and water

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Shanghai, CN
My Role: develop the concept and design, making analysis and research
Additional Credits: guy walter - design director