oded narkis

oded narkis

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Qionglai Area Master Plan, Chengdu

Cultural Heritage Destination - Ecological Experience

Raising Awareness of the Local Culture, Preserving the Historical areas & Respecting Nature

The “Qiong Kiln Cultural New Town” Master Plan for Chengdu city is designed to capture the unique character of the place, to reveal the long and meaningful history of the area.

“Qiong Kiln Cultural New Town” combine together Residential, Tourism, Green spaces & Waterfront and Lifestyle facilities, all connected by cultural heritage activities. The project uses the natural environment (Mountian, Plain, Water & Forest) to create a sustainable and healthy surrounding for the residents & visitors. 

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Chengdu, CN
My Role: develop the concept and design, making analysis and research
Additional Credits: guy walter - design director