Nancy Pounds

Nancy Pounds

Tulsa, OK, US


One+1: A Housing Prototype for Habitat for Humanity

Two factory-built modules come together to create the ONE+1 House, connecting in any one of various ways to make a well-designed, energy-efficient, and comfortable home that is customized for client and site. The system involves a new model for Habitat for Humanity, one in which the homeowner has a hand in designing their home according to the demands of the site and the family’s lifestyle. With only simplified factory customization, the ONE+1 modules can be coupled in a variety of formats, allowing diverse approaches to outdoor living, neighborhood interaction, privacy, and climate control.  The ONE+1 model allows homeowners to contribute “sweat equity” to their homes in a variety of ways, such as design, site prep and enhancement, and construction of outdoor and connecting spaces.

While well-insulated, the ONE+1 modules are designed to facilitate passive climate control and daylighting when desired. Many orientations of the modules can create a cooling breezeway effect (in combination with a connection area that can open on two sides to allow airflow).  Insulated attic spaces and high-ceiling living spaces can be vented by thermostat-controlled roof vents. The modules can be positioned intelligently with respect to the sun path.

Customized to home and site, the connection between the modules is designed as a visually transparent space, able to be substantially opened to breezes via doors and/or windows.  It can be clad in Panelite or a similar transparent panel, and complemented by semi-enclosed, unconditioned areas, such as a screened-in sleeping porch.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Baton Rouge, LA, US
My Role: Space Planning and Visual Representation
Additional Credits: Martin Olivier and Emma Greenberg